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Welcome to Sonny Sushi!

Nevada's Premier Sushi Company!

This is the official and the only website of Sonny Sushi! Beware of imitators and spammers that uses our name to spam you and take you to their sites!!! Click here for more info!

"We add Quality Instead of MSG!"

What is sushi?

SU" means vinegar, and "SHI" (MESHI) means rice.  Sushi has a lot of styles like rolls, sliced fish or cone and combinations with different varieties of seafood and vegetables.

We carry all kinds of fish and seafood of best quality and fresh vegetables and can provide the freshest sushi available in town and the best services to fit your needs.

Let us know in advance and we can cater to all to fit you needs! 


Please see about us page for more details on our company info and history. 







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